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Parajet Maverick


Simple, ingenious design. Strong, lightweight titanium airframe. Well-formed, conversation starting good looks. These are the things that make the Parajet Maverick paramotor the perfect partner for those that live for the thrill of adventure, or the camaraderie of a weekend cruise with friends. Add the choice of reliable, fuss-free Vittorazi engines and the distant horizon is yours to explore.


The Parajet Maverick:

Since arriving on the scene in the early 2000’s, UK-based company Parajet has consistently churned out a product driven by superior engineering and passion for their sport and their industry. The new Parajet Maverick is high in quality and light in weight- the ideal combination for a long-lasting, fun-flying machine.

Every single titanium-alloy component mates together with no play or wobble- even still, assembly and disassembly is among the very best in the industry. Cage components pack down very nicely, but perhaps most ingenious is the net hoop- a beautiful, blue design that is totally smooth; leaving no chance of snagging risers or lines on inflation. The ratchet tightening system achieves perfect net tension every time.

In flight, it becomes apparent that Parajet did not skimp on comfort- the shoulder straps are absolutely generous with their padding, which when combined with the excellent geometry of the swingarms makes the Mav a breeze to handle. The cordura seat is wide and lends itself very well to long duration flight, particularly with the addition of a folding extension which greatly eases strain on the thighs.

On the business end, power is supplied by a tried-and-true Moster 185 in it’s MY’22 configuration, supplying 175 pounds of thrust with a 130cm prop, or by Vittorazi’s newest lightweight contender, the Atom 80. This lightweight powerhouse has a very respectable output of 120lbs. Either option yields an amazing lightweight unit, due in no small part to Parajet’s use of titanium alloy. This material is not only light, but strong, and we have put this to the test. The Maverick has earned it’s place as the go-to training motor at our school, and has been tested with many a butt landing. We have been frankly amazed at it’s resilience and ability to take the hits from those early stages of learning.

The combination of it’s simple and robust yet lightweight and elegant construction blows everyone away, be they pilot or first-time observer. It will continue to serve us well, both on adventures around the world and the first fight experiences of our students. The glow on their faces after they have experienced the true freedom of flight always seems brighter with a Mav on their back.

Parajet Maverick Assembly


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