Parmotor Training

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Paramotor Training

Sky Adventures PPG is offering paramotor training in Madison, GA.  The training location is a sod farm with manicured grass field large enough to land a plane.  Students will learn to kite a paraglider wing while learning the rules governing powered paraglider aircraft.  FAA FAR part 103 are the rules governing ppg and ultralight aircraft.  From zero to hero, students will be able to run into the sky and enjoy the freedom that comes with flight.  Paramotor training is the first step to safely becoming a ppg pilot.

Location: Madison, GA

Training starts at $1500.

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Discovery PPG Tandem Flight

Not sure if powered paragliding is right for you?  Take a discovery flight and discover the feeling of gliding through the air above the ground.  Experience the view and the gentle breeze as an instructor operates the tandem trike into the sky.  Purchase a discovery flight as a gift for someone who would love the opportunity to fly on a paramotor in an unparalleled experience.

Location: Madison, GA

Discovery flights: $150